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cryptotrade, exchangecrypto, cryptoexchange. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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ABOUT TRADE CRYPTO COINS is an open source decentralized exchange. It automatically routes trades to the decentralized exchange with the best current prices. We are also fully integrated with metamask, brave and most other popular web3 wallets. Our design works great on any platform, whether desktop or mobile. Give us a try today!

ABOUT CRYPTO EXCHANGE connects to top decentralized exchanges and virtual asset providers to find you the best prices at the fastest speed possible. Our API always ensures that you receive the best prices on the market. Swap with speed and confidence.

No. Our open source trading engine allows anyone to trade simply by connecting their wallet. Registration is not necessary because users directly connect each other’s wallets.

Our fee is very reasonable at 0.6% per transaction.


Crypto Shop is a online web shop where you can reward freelance services with cryptocurrency.


The first 2 projects to advertise our service to their community of users can get a free ad on our homepage with a link point listing very easily. Simply begin sending users here and email us at [email protected] We know crypto projects are often supported by avid and loyal users and we want to provide our services to the best and most faithful communities.


Yes. Our open source Totle API is continuously improving its security and our users can always feel safe because adequate security measures are in place to ensure that your wallet and private information are never exposed to the open web. Users simply trade with other users, directly and with limited to no involvement from anyone else.

Absolutely not. Virtual currencies are inherently risky. Do not invest more than you would be willing to lose. In any field related to finances, you should always be prepared to do your own research. With regard to cryptocurrency in particular, nothing is guaranteed and at any time there is always the potential to lose a significant portion of your initial investment.


Prohibited Jurisdictions are for USA, Central African Republic,  Belarus, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Iran, Croatia, Cuba, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Moldova, Democratic Republic of Congo Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Lebanon, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe, Syria.